Proposed Labor Rules and What They Could Mean for Businesses

Gene Marks
1 min readMay 31, 2023


How labor rules may impact businesses.

On this episode of Paychex THRIVE, a Business Podcast, host Gene Marks is talking with Diego Areas Munhoz, Labor and Employment Reporter for the Bloomberg Industry Group. Listen in as Diego talks about what we might see come out of Washington, D.C. in terms of labor rules and how they may impact businesses. Hear as he talks about everything from worker classification to paid leave, and more.


00:00 — Welcome, Diego Munhoz

0:2:33 — Covering workplace and labor

03:41 — Impact of a new Secretary of Labor

06:11 — Rules vs. laws

07:44 — Status of worker classification rule

10:45 — Debate on worker classification

14:38 — Risk of impending lawsuits

15:49 — Changes to overtime rules

17:58 — Phased changes to threshold

20:25 — Outlook on minimum wage increase

22:43 — Thoughts on national minimum wage

26:02 — Mandated vacation rules

27:49 — Focus on paid leave

29:28 — Wrap up

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