Order Up: Fast-Food Stakeholders in CA Now Setting Policy

In California, they are looking to raise standards in the fast-food industry. Just how are they doing this? With a new state council made up of employees, employers, and key stakeholders. Hear from David Madland, Senior Fellow and Senior Advisor at American Worker Project for the Center for American Progress, as he talks about how California is giving a voice to those that are impacted most.

Topics Include:

00:20 — The Center for American Progress
01:41 — An introduction to David Madland
02:30 — New legislation in California for fast food industry
04:13 — The sectoral council’s impact on setting policy
05:20 — Providing stakeholders with a voice
06:49 — Who is a part of this committee?
08:10 — What are the concerns surrounding this legislation?
09:39 — Raising standards in the fast-food industry
12:55 — The possible impact on labor and labor costs
17:03 — Targeting big businesses or small businesses?
19:12 — Spillover effect to other industries?
22:16 — Outside the United States

Listen here.



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Gene Marks

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