E-sig in QBOA, and other tech stories you may have missed

1. Intuit adding e-signature to QBO Advanced

2. Small-biz owners haven’t given up on tech

According to recently released data by Software Advice and SCORE, small-business owners shared that new software that was brought on in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic helped increase company productivity by 47 percent and increased their sales by 45 percent. The data also revealed that 42 percent of business owners shared that their software helped reduce costs and improve customer engagement by 45 percent. According to the same data, 45 percent of business owners also plan to up their investment in technology this year. (Source: Yahoo Finance)

3. Fed chief warns about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency risks

4. Yahoo jumps into e-commerce fray

5. Recruiting startup raised $65M

6. Google Workspace adding new features for remote workers

7. Square is now a bank

8. Dell’s 40-inch monitor is the best kind of excess

9. Chrome’s real-time captions now on PC and Mac

10. GoDaddy launching Instagram integration for SMB users



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