CNN’s Matt Egan on the Business Outlook for 2023

Gene Marks
Dec 7, 2022

On this episode of Paychex THRIVE, Gene Marks talks with CNN Reporter, Matt Egan about the economic outlook of 2023 and the possible impact on businesses. Listen in as Matt talks about consumer spending, a possible recession, interest rates, inflation, and more.

Listen here.


00:49 — Introduction to Matt Egan

01:49 — What to expect for the holiday season

02:44 — Consumer spending in today’s economy

04:35 — Buy now, pay later trend

08:00 — Are we headed into a recession

11:32 — The challenges within the tech sector

14:16 — State of the housing and construction industry

17:08 — The rise in interest rates

19:03 — Thoughts on inflation in 2023

23:38 — Expected news on small businesses in 2023

26:22 — A positive outlook for next year

28:00 — Wrap up



Gene Marks

Columnist on smallbiz, economy, public policy, tech for The Guardian, The Hill, Philly Inquirer, Wash Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur. Small Business owner and CPA