BizBooks Episode 25: Tim Koelzer & Kristin Kurth on Addressing Customer Needs & Upstream Marketing

Gene Marks
2 min readSep 28, 2022

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In Upstream Marketing, authors Tim Koelzer and Kristin Kurth aim to help address customer needs. In the book they share best practices, research, case studies, and analysis informed by their more than twenty years of experience helping transform client brands and businesses through their work at EquiBrand Consulting, a top management consultancy. The result is a groundbreaking deep-dive into the fundamentals of upstream marketing — the process of identifying and fulfilling customer needs, which relies on the strategic implementation of three core principles: insight, identity, and innovation.

An invaluable tool for business leaders looking for mindset, strategy, and processes that will help them improve their organization proactively, instead of reactively. Upstream Marketing includes meticulous analysis of seven profile companies, breaking down the values and principles that make them great — and offering some how-to tips you can apply yourself. The authors also draw on examples from their own work with clients to help illustrate how applying the principles of upstream marketing correctly and at the right time can impact the health, growth, and success of any business.

Topics in this episode include:
0:54- About Kristin and Tim
10:33- What Are Proprietary Insights?
15:44- The Benefit Hierarchy
26:17 — Identify From an Upstream Perspective
33:33- Brand Architecture

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