Inside this episode, I speaks with NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill. He introduces LegalZoom’s Fast Break for Small Business program benefitting minority-owned businesses with grants and services through a $6M, multi-year initiative! Hear Grant’s family history of entrepreneurship, his business experience as co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and his invitation to women- and minority-owned businesses to pursue these new resources. Click here to listen to the full episode!

In this episode of THRIVE, EY’s Lee Henderson, Audit Partner, Americas EY Private Leader, and Executive Sponsor of the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network. It’s in this latter role that Lee is really making an impact on black and Latino entrepreneurs. If you’re a minority entrepreneur, if you’re looking for funding, if you’re looking for resources, and most importantly, if you want to get into a network of people who can help you grow your business, you’ll learn why these are the types of opportunities you’ll want to take advantage of. Listen to the full episode here!

Gene Marks

Columnist on smallbiz, economy, public policy, tech for The Guardian, The Hill, Philly Inquirer, Wash Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur. Small Business owner and CPA

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